About Us

The Bradford Rohingya community was created on the 8th of August 2008but then later became the British Rohingya Community. We are based in the UK, in Bradford. Each and everyone in our team has been through this horrific, malicious persecution either through family or having firsthand experience themselves. Our team consist of members from the Rohingya population that have come to the UK through the UNCHR and Home office Gateway Protection UK. This organisation was founded by members of the Bradford Rohingya Community including the general secretary Nijam Uddin. We are a dedicated, autonomous and loyal group of residents from the UK operating to ensure members of the Rohingya community in Burma are receiving their full human rights and are able to live a life without fear and live equitably. Our team is an energetic group of Rohingyas and others that are serving to make sure that our fellow Rohingya’s are able to live without having to fear for their own life every single day. BRC is all about bringing the issues of the horrific massacre that has been going on in Burma for more than a decade. The ethnic cleansing of the Muslims in Burma has not been in media’s attention and our team is dedicated to bringing these issues to live. The UN estimates that over 240,000 people have been displaced since 2011. In Rakhine state alone, there are a reported 140,000 internally displaced people. We believe that these people do not deserve to die like this and it is only fair that they’re treated how everyone else is as it is our human rights to be free! BRC will enforce equality amongst the Rohingyas of Burma. We are striving to make a change!

Our Aims/mission:

Our agendas are clear, we want to restore peace and resolve conflict in the Rakhine state amongst the Rohingyas. They start by helping us and only by unity we can do this. We want to reinstate humanity and abolish this horrible situation.

  • Our main mission is to improve the present condition of the Rohingya people and try to stop this unfairness.
  • Pressure the governments into taking action against the Burma military.
  • Help educate the underprivileged.
  • Provide 3 meals a day for the underprivileged.
  • Identify problems faced by the Rohingyas.
  • Focus on the empowerment of women and rights of the defenceless Rohingyas.
  • Develop Rohingya culture and traditions back in Burma.
  • Aid the helpless and provide the basic necessities, for instance, food, education, shelter and health service.
  • Renew the 1982 citizenship law
  • Allow them to live a life without fear, a life without being threatened by the military to leave their homeland
  • We will ensure each and every one voice is heard by empowering ‘free speech’ of which we have not seen much of.
  • Help resettle Rohingyas in the UK and unite them
  • Help raise awareness of the Rohingya communities all over the world
  • Advice Rohingyas everywhere to maintain their dignity and allow them to stay organised.

All of the above is not too much to ask for and we feel it is our responsibility as humans to enforce these agenda and take action. The above are just basic human rights. They are what we deserve, they are what they deserve. Therefore, we need to save this humanity crisis that is ongoing in Burma. You need to speak up for these 1.3 million members of the Rohingya ethnic community who are under the genocide attack by the military. We are urging leaders of the world and everyone out there to save the Burma Rohingyas from this humanitarian crisis and stop the Burma military from violation of the Rohingyas people’s human rights. Rohingya is not just a name; it is a culture, a tradition and it in stores history that dates back centuries.

Our Team:

Nur Huda – Chairman

Shahina Akter – Vice chairwoman

Nijam Uddin – General Secretary

Holds accounts of all the money and handles it. He is also is the supervisor of the media and publishers team

MD Harun – senior advisers

Gives pieces of advice regarding issues and events hosted by the BRC. They advise or give any new suggestions and improvements.

Sirazul Islam, MD Ismail, Khairul Amin – Media and publishers

This is a group of young teenagers who are working with the media side. They will work to raise awareness of certain issues and establish any new news.

Shahina Akter – Woman Officer

Works with the feminine side of the Rohingya community and helps them with various things like education.

Zamir Hussain – Youth Officer

They will work with teenagers and all the youths to enforce Rohingya traditions and cultures back into them. Also, recruits young members for the next generation.

MD Ayub and MD Salim – Elderly Link

They will work with the elderly and support them in here and abroad.

Azizul Hoque, Abdul Aziz and Zalal Uddin – sport and culture officers

Will work closely to help bring back Rohingya cultures and organise sports and events.

Nurul Amin – Membership officer

Handles the accounts of existing and new members of the group and sorts them out.