Being a Muslim woman in Myanmar


While the world has mostly focused on the Shia – Sunni conflict or the violent assault of radical terrorism in the Middle East, the Rohingya Muslims have been subjected to ruthless massacre for years. Some nationalist Buddhist terrorists that set the villages, homes and mosques of Muslims on fire and viciously slaughtered their women and children are perpetrating the most relentless bloodshed. The ones mainly affected in this agonizing fight and persecution are children and women.

The women are in despair trying to persist in living in shoddy barracks in desolate circumstances, not knowing how to feed their children, or where to have them treated when sick. In the meantime, they are trying to find a way out to prevent themselves or daughters from being raped and turned into slaves. Yet, if they resort to legal methods for claiming their rights, they are lynched. It is a well-known fact that scores of young women jump off cliffs or into the sea to commit suicide.

However, the world is in ignorance of the screams coming out of this land and turns a blind eye to this obvious persecution. In the face of such disregard worldwide, the lives of Muslims are counted as worthless every day. Entire Islamic institutions and mosques are closed, and religious observances like going on pilgrimage, sacrificing animals for God, holding prayers as a community and other ways of worship are all prohibited. Unlawful arrests done in violation of human rights and the implementation of torture – made evident by international organizations – is the daily conduct of the Myanmar administration. In brief, the religious freedom and rights of the Rohingya Muslims have been taken away from them in every respect and they are disallowed from observing their religious rights.

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